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Letter to California Governor


C/O State Capitol. Suit 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Brown;

Once in a while you will receive a letter that makes, a difference; I am hoping this is one of those letters. Imagine the day when everyone will have a permanent on-line identification.

It would be just like a social security number. It will follow you whenever you go, worldwide. The implications are enormous. A state like California will be able to instantly communicate with any citizen, locate paroles or issue alerts across a platform guaranteed to reach people. That day is now!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Steve Noh. I am the inventor of an internet platform called per maid. I have put a system in place that will revolutionize e-mail and alert systems across the globe. California spends tens of millions of dollars to send notifications by mail. My system will not eliminate this cost but can be applied to several other areas without compromising the quality or integrity of any services. The e-mail platform works across all electronic devices. Furthermore, any long-term vacationers in foreign countries can cure gov’s demand letter in time via email. Under this new system, each California resident will receive a permanent e-mail at the time they renew a driver’s license or are release from incarceration. Within two years the state will be able to directly communicate with all its residents making it the first in the nation to be able to do so. This will also enable the state to issue instant amber alerts and weather warnings and individualized gov benefits issues. Compared to New York state and Washington state’s online id of citizens are still allowing ‘impersonator’s account’. My main focus of invention is: how to reach out our citizens without dealing a faky human. My sign-up process requires images of driver’s license or Gov photo id, as well as appearing on webcam and voice id and more of biometrical confirmations. Under tos, my member cannot send out spam/fraud emails, we can track them down and put a restriction on their email accounts. Simply, offers platform email id by using one’s permanent id (aka public id), available to everyone, worldwide. Specially, for California residents the formatting will include:

  • Cal state id (Or driver’s license) + 2 digit of state (=CA) Overall use)
  • Auto-license-plat# DMV use)
  • Business-ph#@permaID/com(Tax Board use)
  • use)
  • use)

As you are well aware, it is impossible to collect email address from all citizens because there is no platform for that. Today, if we have to collect all emails, we will have misspellings, outdated email ids, etc. So this new platform email id by using state id or auto registration will make it a perfect fit for the California government to communication with all citizens and be used hand-in-hand with USPS service who recently adopted “notification email” which fails to let citizens read USPS content. Furthermore, it is not an anonymous impersonator’s email account this new platforms design is not like any current other email service providers. This is the nest generation e-mail system. I have been a CA] citizen over last 30 years and I am proud to be a Californian. I will offer a special beta pricing plan to make this happen. Please have one of your staff or it executives call me for a full explanation and demonstration of this ground breaking system. This can b e a win-win for all involved.


Steve Noh
Post Office Box 75011
Los Angeles, CA 90075

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Email Letter from California Governor

From: Piombo, Kevin@CIO

Date: Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 2:03 PM

To:” “



Thank you for your recent contact with the government Operations Agency, and informing us about your solutions. As requested, we have reviewed your website. I am the Deputy Director of the Engineering Division with the California department of Technology

with responsibility for the State’s consolidated email systems and government portal services. We work closely with our customers within the various State departments and agencies in California to help them deliver these critical services. As business needs arise from our customers, we often look for solutions to help us solve those needs. As government entity, we are required to follow a competitive Procurement Process to help us find the best solution as the best price. In the future, if a customer approaches us with a business need that may be solved by your solution, we would encourage you to respond to our procurement solicitation. Additionally, if you would like, we would be happy to meet with you to better understand the solutions you offer. Thank you again for your interest in doing business with the State of California.

Kevin Piombo
Office of Technology Services

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